A Few Cool Pickups (New Releases)

Grabbed these today from good ole Walmart. Too many good GI Joe memories to pass on them. Although I’m disappointed they have removed the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo from Gung-Ho’s chest.
I rarely by Comic action figures but the detail on Azrael was amazing. McFarlane knows how to make some toys.

Nice Azrael!

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I’ve always wanted the hiss tank…I may have to grab that.

Looks like Walmart is doing with GIJoe what they did for some transformers with G1 re-issues?

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I noticed there’s numbers on the back…must be each has a unique number? So far highest number I see is in the 2000s.

Didn’t even notice…I know they are exclusive to Walmart unfortunately. So many toys are store exclusives anymore. I have good luck with Walmart though (toys and comics). Target is the problem child. I’ve given up on them.

Same here…I’ve had no problem getting exclusives from WM…but target seems to get the Star Wars black series exclusives I can never find except the cardinal trooper…