A Good Experience From An Online Seller (For a change of pace)

While I may be quick to criticize poor customer service, I also think it is important to shine a light on great customer service.

I know Frankie’s has been a hot topic of late, and there are still some ongoing issues/unresolved shipping delays that have folks a bit restless (I also have outstanding orders/shipping label orders not yet sent), but…

I did recently receive an exclusive I was looking forward to. It arrived damaged…wasn’t really a shipping damage either. Just damage that was above and beyond what I would expect.

I received an immediate response to my inquiry, immediate resolution for the issue, and immediate same day shipping of a replacement which was quickly received in perfect condition along with a note of regret for the trouble.

At any rate, I was quite impressed and wanted to share given the degree of negative feedback there has been recently.


Be careful. Some people may want to argue with you about sharing a customer service experience. Lol.


I have not had a problem with Frankie’s comics besides the delays.

I had ordered this comic from Golden Apple. The staple was on the front cover. So much for quality control. I sent them an email. They were quick to respond and sent me a shipping label to return this comic and another one that was damaged. They shipped out the replacement comics with another order that I had already had made a couple weeks later. I usually don’t order from them. But will if I have too. Now I know they will try to help when something is wrong.

I have had good dealings with Golden Apple.

The rarely seen mid-cover binding. :eyes: