Ablaze to Publish Hendrix: Electric Requiem Graphic Novel in May

Yes! If I have a second love next to Star Wars, it’s Hendrix!

My Mom is a huge Hendrix fan. I definitely appreciate his work too.

That signed & numbered Voodoo Child edition by Bill Sienkiewicz has certainly risen in price over the years.

Crosstown Traffic is my fav Jimi tune. He has such a unique, unmistakable sound to his style.

Bold as Love is mine. I think I started sobbing uncontrollably when I saw Clapton play Little Wing.

If you have the time, go find a show called ‘Classic Albums’, circa 1997. Its an hour long show that used to run on Much Music (Canada’s MTV). It would take one classic album, like Jimi’s Electric Ladyland, then try to get anyone, who is still living, who worked on the album to come discuss the process. It goes song by song, and covers each track within each song (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, etc.). Electric Ladyland was a very cool episode. They discussed how Jimi rented the studio for months on end, and essentially lived there. They said that other musicians who happened to be in NYC st the time would stop by and jump on a track, or two, and jam in the studio. I remember one story about Brian Jones, from the Stones, dropping by and playing drums for one track. And the little humming/buzzing noise in Crosstown Traffic was created by taping s piece of paper over top of a black comb, and blowing on tye teeth of the comb. The paper would vibrate over tye teeth of the comb and created that ‘hum’ sound in Crosstown Traffic. Anyways, cool shit.