About $600-700 to invest in 1 comic

Graded or raw. Please just no incentive or store exclusive covers. I’m just not into that.

I want to get another comic for my “dont ever sell” box, where I put comics i hope to one day sell as I retire.

I have recently unloaded or are in the process of selling some comics. Within a few weeks, after they are shipped, I should have between $600-700. I am selling about 60 Savage Dragon issues, and I sold some other lots. Anyway, I want to move that money into a key issue, one comic that will hold value, or hopefully increase in value.

Im considering the 1st Red Sonja from Conan. Im considering maybe the 1st appearance of Punisher in a middling/lower grade. But really Im open to suggestions because I’m having trouble making up my mind. I know we all have different tastes but I’d be interested in what other people consider a safe place to invest this money in a single comic at this price point

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High grade Hulk 180


I was just looking at one of those in fact…

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I was looking at one this weekend but decided to pass. X-men 141 in 9.6. I also saw a Hulk 180 5.0 for about the same price that X-men was going for. Between $650-$700.

I got the x-men 141 cgc 9.6 already, but that is a good one!

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The ONLY moderns (2000 and later) I would consider investing that amount in would be Ultimate Fallout 4 and Edge of the Spiderverse 2. Otherwise stay away.

As for copper, maybe a high grade 3rd print of TMNT #1.

How do people feel about Marvel Premiere #15? Such and undervalued bronze key at this moment I think. Can get a copy in the 9s for that amount.


Yknow, i was thinking of TMNT 1 3rd print but do you by chance know the publishing date and print run of that comic and the other prints?

This may be the safest bet I can think of for the budget. But you might also consider a mid-grade Fantastic Four #49 (first cover for Galactus and Silver Surfer, and a better cover than both 48 and 50).


Higher grade DC Comics Presents 26, direct edition is scarcer.

Mid-grade Tec 359.

Spawn 1 Newsstand 9.6+

Spawn 174

Just my two cents.

Yes. Forgot about FF49. Another book that has tanked recently…also like better than 48.

Hulk #180…X-men #94…FF #49…ASM #129. All good books to get and at $700 nice copies can be picked up.

How about a DC key? Batman #181 is surprisingly affordable. First Poison Ivy.


Batman #227…Book will always be a sound investment in any grade.


God, I love that cover.


@Rob sounds like a lot of can’t lose options.

I think it should come down to of all these ideas what sounds like the book for you?

I am still buying affordable golden age books in slabbed form. Just ordered another one based on a recent purchase.

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Seeing as I’m a marvel guy, I’m leaning more towards hulk 180 or fantastic four 49. I used to have x-men 94-199 and sold them like 20 years ago for beer and weed money on college and have so much seller’s remorse that i can’t bring myself to buy those again.

Asm 129 i would need to find a decent raw copy and hope for the best, same for FF49. I don’t need graded books, and if i can avoid the premium and get a better raw copy i will. But that’s obviously a risk there.

So, idono! I’ll have to watch how my savage dragon auction is going. Honestly I’m looking at vampirella 1, and that batman cover above is awesome, super cool vibe.

Whatever i get i will update this post after i get it. I love savage dragon but i think I’ll get more long term value from one key instead of a run of Savage Dragon.

On 2nd thought maybe I’ll just get a few copies of that Spawn 306 exclusive

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Spawn modern books for the most part are not great investments if you ask me. Especially exclusives, might as well just buy some store variants…

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I actually disagree with ya for once, Poyo. I am not a big, “Spawn,” fan myself but he has a hardcore fanbase that pay good money for his books. The harder to find issue/cover the more they’ll shell out. “Spawn,” can be a smart pickup for a profit, in other words.

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Even issue #1 keeps moving up in price if ever so slightly…but it keeps moving. There were just soooo many of that issue printed I still can’t believe it isn’t a common dollar bin book, but people still go after it! The book also seems to be a cheap starter key for people just getting into the hobby.