Acquired A Personal Star Wars Grail

Through a bit of luck, circumstance, and the help of a collector friend, I finally got ahold of a piece I’ve wanted for some time.
A Kenner Jedi proof card for the Death Squad Commander. Very few of these out there. I had a Revenge of the Jedi proof, but the Return version is actually rarer. It’s hard to determine exact counts on these, but perhaps a handful. There’s said to be possibly 50 of the Revenge proofs, but far less of the regular Return ones.
Regardless, proof cards certainly meet the “rare” definition lol.
A bit about proofs: Typical uses for proof cards in the vintage period were product samples, displays for toy fair or to mock-up carded figures for displays and catalogues.
Proof cards were also used to conceptualise new designs, often by pasting new logos or new figure photos to the cards prior to any formal design being undertaken. This gave Kenner a quick and cheap approximation of what the packaging may look like.
I’ve focussed on the Commander for my collection as it was actually one of the first figures I received as a child & I love the military type design & card comes.
Vintage SW has always been my first love & it’s fun diving down the rabbit hole of card variants and such. Anyway, thought I’d share.
I also included a shot of the Empire 21g carded figure. Sort of cool is it is the last piece/version made by Kenner before they switched his name to the more “acceptable” Star Destroyer Commander.
Fun pieces of toy history. Enjoy.


Awesome pick up man! I didn’t even know collecting cards were a thing, but I am happy for you!

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Mmmm look at dem unpunched display hanger holes! Beautiful stuff.


Nice and congrats!!

What was the secret send away figure? Was that the ghost obi-wan?

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@D-Rog These are all from the 70’s and early eighties Kenner line.
The secret figure at that point was Bossk. ESB was not yet released at the time this was produced so Bossk was a big unknown!