Ad overload

I love this site and the information it provides but, HOLY CRAP! The ads are overwhelming. They massively slow down everything, overlap onto the content, and are just plain annoying!


It’s worse on the iPhone. At least on the PC I have a big screen and a mouse to click on the “x’s” to get the ads to go away. On my phone, my finger sometimes misses the x and then I have to deal with the ad.

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I appreciate the feedback. We are trying out a new ad server. It’s a hard balance to keep the site generating money and user experience. Are you having problems with the ads on the main site or on the forum?

A little bit of both but mainly the main site. It’s pop up after pop up after pop up on the main site.

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Ads on forum are all misplaced for me now. Shouldn’t place anything above the top banner, just sort of breaks look of site.

I will be meeting with the ad manager to discuss these issues. I need to find out if it is seep through from the previous ads trying to force their way in or the new ads.

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Yes. Why do they make the x so small!!!

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On the spoilers posts ive learned to wait a bit before proceeding to the next page. If you click next too early a pop up will appear just before your finger touches the screen.

The popups shouldn’t be there at all.

Are you guys encountering the issue on mobile or desktop?

I am not seeing ads on the forum at all. Is anyone else still seeing them?

I only see the side ads when you’re viewing it on a larger browser screen from a normal computer.

On my normal laptop screen I don’t see any

Might be for certain widths, so if it’s a smaller screen, might not display.

No….and it’s spectacular!!

Not the forum. Thanks for the reply about the issue.

If I don’t open my window enough, this is what it looks like. (I hope this screenshot opens.)

It does. Thanks. So it’s really interfering in smaller windows.

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