Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1; CGC 9.8; For Sale

Hey everyone. I had an, “Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel,” that I got graded by CGC and it came back a 9.8! I am in need of funds for an assortment of reasons so I thought I would list it here to see if someone wanted to buy it. I would be asking $1800. Here are some pictures and I can supply more as needed:


I may already have a deal pending locally that came together shortly after I posted this! In case that falls through anyone with interest can tell me though and I can note you would be interested.


Oh man i’m hoping mine comes back a 9.8! Nice job man!

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Thanks! Did you get yours pressed? I think it helped work any kinks out of mine.

Yeah I had the whole run pressed and am hoping for high grades on all of them…but really the 9.8 on number 1 is the main thing :slight_smile: as you know!

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