Adam Warlock slated for GOTG3

About time!

Don’t get too excited. While I fully expect AW in GoG3, this article is using Reddit as their source.

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Yeah, always take “leaks” this far out with a grain of salt…

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Yeah,it’s not official until its official. About four or five years ago I bought a half dozen low and mid grade copies of FF #67. Super cheap back then. Would be nice to see it take another spike in price and sell a few.

Buy low, sell high… :slight_smile:

When (if?) Adam Warlock becomes official in the MCU FF #67 and Thor #165 are going to go nuts! Still room to grow on those to books! They have spiked on and off the past few years but are still reasonable especially in mid grades. For those who don’t have them yet the window not to get gouged on the price is probably closing. Still some time though.

Thinking about it. May have to go in on lower grades.