Advance Comics

Is anyone into the old Advance Comics books? I’ve got a stack of 15ish from the early 1990s that are just taking up space. It was basically the previews magazine of that time, but much bigger. 300 pages each.

I have no idea if these should just hit the recycle bin, LCS or what. A few on eBay move, but not for much.



Some of these have pretty great old 90s covers on them. I think that’s why I’m reluctant to recycle them.


OMG. I totally forgot about those. I used to read those things cover to cover. Nice!

Irony. I was literally looking at these on MyComicShop last week…doing research.

I picked one of these up at Half Price Books the other day. A fun little trip down memory lane.

Used to get for the promo cards. I have an entire binder filled with promo cards from Advanced and Hero, etc. I’ll have to go through and see what I have.