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The community was great with recommendations for my sons 1st bday - so let’s do it again for Xmas. Obviously this is for him to enjoy down the road - so what you got?

Damiens first appearance? Punchline?
Court of owls first appearance?

I mean I love the Snyder/Morrison runs so those are high on my list / but truthfully have not read a lot of modern Batman

I guess getting something from a different era that will retain/grow in value it also in play

Appreciate your feedback

I pick up Damian when he’s a good deal, but prices have definitely come up over time. I hopped on his train a few years ago about the same times as Miles Morales, and we can see which has been more fruitful so far.

With Tynion leaving the Bat-world, it will be interesting to see if Punchline holds up or not. Of his other new characters, I would have been curious to see how far Ghost-Maker would go, but I suspect he will fall by the wayside. Personally I enjoyed a lot of Tom King’s Batman, but I don’t think there’s much spec there.

I agree that Court of Owls/Talons are worthwhile picks.

Edit: I still like Batman Beyond, too, if a deal presents itself.

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How about Damien’s first appearance as Batman in issue 666?

Other than the ultra scarce variant of his first, I think that’s the better spec play…and he’s on the cover as Batman. Granted it’s in a future/alternative timeline but that stuff doesn’t matter anymore. 1st Professor Pyg too!

Otherwise Issues 655 and 656 kind of compete with each other (cameo vs 1st full).

But Batman 635 beats them all with the sweet cover, my opinion. But probably out of your price range.

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batman beyond #1 prices are up, but there is still alot of meat left on that bone if the flash movie leads into a batman beyond franchise. which i think is the likely direction


You can find VF 1st Harley Quinn’s for affordable prices.


I’d I had to pick one of the above mentioned, I’d pick Damien in 655/656 as well. He’s a hero, mega popular, and has been written in to take up the Mantle of Batman on multiple occasions.

I’m a HUGE Punchline nerd, and I think she has a lot of upside too. In the DC movies HQ is broken up with Joker which gives Punchline ample opportunity to pop up.

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I think Ghostmaker is a decent long term play since its so cheap. I dont think Clownhunter is ever going to do anything.

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The best books to pick up for Damien are Batman 655-57 & 666 in Newsstand IMO. They don’t come up for sale nearly as often as any of the variants.

Yeah, but now he’s competing with you!

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1ST Harper Row

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