Aftershock’s Dead Day Optioned

Dead Day from Aftershock going to Peacock

Very nice, I have a copy. Beautiful looking book.

If anyone is looking for some cheap copies. Note: these are preorders to will be coming in the next few weeks.


I have copies so happy to hear it was optioned. Aftershock #1’s are something to pick up.

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I’ll be looking forward to seeing the double feature at my drive in of that and Animosity :slight_smile:


Hey faele, I ordered some copies from your store but when I went to check out there wasn’t a hold option for shipping to my area (Canada). I also tried the VILLAIN2021 discount code for my first order and it didn’t work.

I have the first few issues of this series and it’s a great series, wouldn’t mind having a few more copies of the first issue.

New code is “VILLAIN2022”. I will have to check on the HOLD option for ya.

HOLD option should show now :wink:


@faele Thank you! I ordered!

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thank you, just ordered a bunch of copies what the heck. It’s a great series with good art. I’ll look around your store later to add more titles to my cart.

Good luck to owners of this book!

I am personally over minor indies being optioned. I followed the crowd on a couple and got burned, but then again, I am not a flipper. That’s not a dig, that’s just my laziness in listing.


After reading this series I thought it was perfect to run for a season on tv and then get canceled. A success either way :slight_smile:

I actually never read it, so I’m getting the first few issues to read.

That depends on when you’re buying them and doing your research. I have a few issues of this series when it came out, I loved the art and the concept. I’ve sold enough indie titles that I didn’t like when they got optioned that worked out for me. For example Port of Earth, I thought it was so boring and was elated that it got optioned. I happily sold if for $30 that week and was just too thrilled to get that junk out of my collection.

I feel titles like Dead Day, Stillwater, Nice House on the Lake has potential. For cover price I would pick these up.


I purchased the series when it was released and on discount. I can easily sell my set now and call it a win.

Picked a single copy up. Thanks. Why the hell not? If it’s a home run show I’ll hate I didn’t grab one. If it’s a dud I’m out a cheeseburger and fries.

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That is the way.

I just want to read it lol. Just finished Stray Dogs, man, why did I wait so long to read it? Really unique and just a great story.

I’m always up for a good story :wink:

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Thanks Faele- just picked up a couple

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I read the first few issues and enjoyed them. I could see this working with a big ensemble cast.

Ordered a couple. Thanks. Low risk gamble.