Age-old question. Which to buy. Aphra edition

Cgc 9.4 first print or cbcs 9.4 dual signed Larocca and Granov 2nd print. Buy the book not the grade, but I’m legit torn on which is the better way to go. I do enjoy a yellow label though :thinking:

1st print is my vote.


Agree :100: 1st print.


I say first as well

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CGC to the moon :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Is this speculation or personal collection?

If you don’t already have a first print you’re happy with, go with the first print.

If you do, I’d branch out for the signatures.


Technically writing on a book is a defect.

You’re basically stuck with CBCS…and you can never crack it out yourself without losing the signature certification.

Go with 1st print un-damaged by a pen.


I agree with Drunkwooky, but would also ask if your plan is to hold this for the price to grow and sell one day, or are you keeping it forever? I am not a fan of encapsulated books, but a 9.8 is still more valuable; save up your money and buy one of those if it is an investment instead of a 9.4. If you are keeping it, get the best you can for what you can afford and put it on a shelf and admire the art, because you certainly can’t read that copy. :slight_smile:


I had a feeling it would go this way :rofl: thanks gang.

It’s about re-acquiring a book I never should have sold. Trying to get it before it becomes unattainable to me. So PC

I can always read it online :grimacing: 9.8’s are more than I want to spend right now. For my moderns, if they are graded, 9.4 and up is just fine for me

Oh yeah. Didn’t address this little tidbit. You can’t get it regraded at cgc without a qualified grade and it won’t get a yellow label without a cgc witness.

I agree. Signatures are fun but I like most of my books I want in the personal collection to be defect free and in their original printed condition myself.

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