Agents of Atlas #2 Heating Up

Hope you grabbed copies of War of the Realms Agents of Atlas #2 is creeping up to $20 on recent sales.

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I paired some #2s w/ #1. I have watchers but no bites so far. :frowning:

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Thx for the heads up @Anthony :v:

I got 4 copies of AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 A thx to your suggestion @Anthony first appearance of SWORD MASTER? Haven’t read it yet. It will pair nicely with the 2 copies of #1 A and 2 copies of #1 B I already had… Now the waiting game… Funny, it’s always those quiet comic book weeks that the sleeper books come around. Be well… :v:

I sold one of my 5 copies today.

Well, I bought one copy from my shop & regretted not buying a few more. I sucked it up & grabbed another off ebay. Found plenty of the Miles/Sparrow book so it will even out.

Selling for how much? I better sell the one I have and see if my stores have any left!