Akira movie put on hold indefinitely

Variety has an article stating the Akira movie has been put on a long term hold. It has been known that the project was getting pushed back but now it looks to be completely halted. The article claims that once Taika Waititi is done with Thor 4 there is a possibility the movie could get back on track. That really is too bad. Probably would have been a nice looking flick.

So, what do you think of the news? Do you think this is temporary or will the project eventually be permanently scrapped? Anyway, has news of this gets to more people the price of the comic (Akira #1) will most likely drop. Could be a good time to buy in a few weeks if you have had your eye on it.

It will no doubt start to drop now, how much? Hard to say. The longer it’s halted, the less interest from collectors.

This is the issue with the movie and show business, any disruptions can shelve a project permanently.

And after all the time I spent digging through the Catacombs in order to discover any forgotten Gems … :vulcan_salute:

Hopefully you found other lost gems during the searches…