Alex Trebek

This is sad news. For those who may not know, Alex Trebek died earlier today. Not only was he iconic for decades I never heard a bad thing reported about him. A true class act.

Farewell, Mr. Trebek. You helped make a lot of dumb people a little smarter. You will be missed.

Guaranteed heaven for $1000


Sean Connery within the past week as well. Another class act. I coincidentally was watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I saw the news of his passing… (If Last Crusade is found while browsing channels, I stop searching when it’s playing)…


That’s very true. Connery was great and will be missed as well! It’s always a bit surreal when someone truly iconic dies.

Alex was handing over the reigns. I think he knew it was coming. But being the class act he was never let on he was suffering.

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The greatest game show host of all-time.

Who is Alex Trebek.

RIP after a courageous battle. Godspeed.


I saw some great tributes for both Connery and Trebek using the Celebrity Jeopardy spoof on SNL. “We meet again, Trebek”

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Those were so good!.

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He was a great host and by all accounts a stellar person. He will be missed.

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Watching the special on ABC now. Was amazed when he got into Television it and only been around in Canada 9 years!

I forget that people are still with us that can tell us what it was like when television came into the household.

RIP Alex.


Burt Reynolds was the best. Turd Ferguson is still a name I use.


It’s been a name I’ve used in Fantasty Football for years.

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