Alexis Ziritt Preordain Magic The Gathering Card

You guys know I love Alexis Ziritt. He’s been drawing some Magic Cards for their “Secret Lair” series. He did a Lightning Bolt:

and now he’s back with a Preordain:


I don’t even play Magic but love these. Ziritt has been killing it on, “Night Hunters,” most recently.

Love the game, wish I had more time to play! Those are really cool!

My coworker and I get about 1 game a week if we’re lucky. I ain’t headed to tourneys

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I think if I brought up MTG to my coworkers, they would make fun of me until I quit… My guys aren’t as ‘nerdy’ as I am :wink:


That’s how I felt at my old job lol. But not many people knew about my nerdyness since I like to keep things to myself lol.

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I installed a huge 6+ ft wide vinyl framed Marvel Infinity Wars decoration in my office. Go big as a nerd, Marvel is so mainstream now it starts lots of conversations. Solution for displaying comics in office without them fading from window / fluorescent light - solid metal variants!


Thats awesome! I don’t have an office except at my house…but maybe one day! We are always outside in the elements…

I’m all about being a nerd in front of anyone… I don’t care what others think. Some laugh until I tell them how I paid for a Hawaii vacation flipping comics and such… Mmmmmm… Hmmmmm…


Wait, what?! No way @Anthony let you out of his basement long enough for a Hawaii vacation, even if solo!

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He was mad cause I didn’t take him with me so that’s why he has the shackles extra tight nowadays…

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Until I moved offices I had a book case at work with about 150 pops and other toys on it. Used to drive my old boss crazy. She thought it was immature. People would come in and look at all the stuff on the book shelf and they would talk about it. When I moved offices I took it all home. However, everyone knows about my nerdiness.

If I had a boss that acted like that, I would have brought in 150 more just to really annoy the F out of them… :wink:

Her. And she was terrible. She used to hold me after hours for meetings all the time knowing I had to pick up my kids.

Yeah, I’d get those texts all about this horrible boss. I straight up tell my bosses, “gotta go. Fire me if you want, but kids are more important.”

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I have such a great boss. He’s been an attorney in this field for 30 years so gets that stress is a killer and that no amount of hours can change bad outcomes sometimes. He understands that letting your employees go at 5 every day is what keeps them fresh and invested.

He’s been through a divorce and remarriage to the same person, a kidnapping of that woman, a car wreck that temporarily paralyzed him and has been fired from this job five times for speaking up for what’s the right course of action. So, yeah, he gets it. Family is priority because life can be shot sometimes.

Having said that, I’m super excited and nervous to see if my buddy gets the open position with us. He’s been prosecuting crimes against children for the past 3ish years. Putting in 65+ hour weeks. Getting paid garbage to deal with murderers and worse. He has no idea the level of chill he’s in for if he gets the job next week.

Anyway, why am I sharing all this?


Its a good share…lets change this thread to “my boss is cool / crappy” :wink:

I treat people how I would want to be treated…I know I’ve heard that somewhere…anyways… family is important, friends are important, living life is important… a job, well, is a job. I’ve done my time, worked the long hours, stressed out about things that now I am like, was that really that important? Relatively, life is not that long, and if you spend it all stressed out and ignoring the things that make you happy, well you will find the end faster and end up with a lot of regrets.

That being said, my wife quit her job yesterday because of the reasons you all mentioned. She worked late on her last day of work (who does that???). I actually hired her to do some part time stuff at our company, but she will be able to spend more time with the kids and won’t be working until midnight or on the weekends anymore (for the same salary). She has a completely different attitude today.

Take back your lives people! Don’t let the thought of having things drive you to work yourself into the ground. If your boss sucks, find a new one. At the very least, talk to them, be honest, if you get fired, whatever, wasn’t worth it then!

my 2 cents…i haven’t even had coffee yet…

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