Alien #1 Dell’Otto Cover Speculation

Scott’s collectibles 9pm UK time Saturday 6th Feb

Limited to 700 sets virgin and trade £34.95/$47.50
2000 trade copies £15/$20

Scott’s also offer a US option when you’re choosing your option so make sure to select ‘US shipping’

I was going to try and cop a Gleason 3rd printing of the web cover but a 4th print in Gold is looking very likely so I may just focus on trying to get some of these, possibly going to be an extremely fast sell out so if you manage to get some tomorrow let me know below


That looks good.

just a friendly reminder that marvel has a 3k/1k minimum print run for store books. so the 700/2k is BS

I imagine there holding some back for any damages.

We all know Pat Gleason doesn’t only release 2500 virgin variants too but that doesn’t stop FOMO kicking in and speculators and flippers cashing in

Or destroying all of the books CBSI style

Or selling them later through another source when nobody’s looking.


Or giving them to starving homeless children after tearing the cover off. Or maybe a bonfire.

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By the looks of it there are still plenty of these up for sale on the website I don’t think the Dell’otto Scott’s collectibles variants really sell that well if I’m being honest no matter how cool they are

It’s a great cover regardless.


It’s a really, really good cover!

Too many damn variants these days.I’m kinda getting sick of it.

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i’m over store variants. if it wasn’t a store variant, I’d go for this.

I love that cover. Already bought one and I hate store variants but couldn’t pass

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sign me up, that Barends cover is sick🔥


The only thing he has done that I didn’t really like was the Venom football cover…the rest is always good!

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