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Hi just wanted to open a discussion on Alien First Appearances since release is this week and there’s a big effort to renew this franchise. New series under Marvel and new tv show coming to FX. Who is the resident Alien expert here? I seem to recall someone mentioning there was a worthy debate on the true first appearance of xenomorphs in comics because Video Jack #4 came out the same month as Aliens #1. I’ve been grabbing Video Jack #4’s at flea markets ever since I saw that. Any opinions? And what possible big first appearances from the dark horse run may get some heat down the road??

I’d wager it’s Alien: The Illustrated Story by Walt Simonson and Archie Goodwin, published by Heavy Metal.

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The ‘Alien: The Illustrated Story’ was actually a reprint of the Alien story that first appeared in Heavy Metal May '79. The Illustrated Story was published in June '79.
1st app. of Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph.:gun: :egg:



Thanks, I didn’t know that.

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Very cool guys thanks Ive never seen those. Are they magazine size?

Yes. Heavy Metal is a magazine.


Beat me to it… JcLu is 100% correct.

I think Aliens: Defiance #1 has the 1st cameo appearance of Ripley’s daughter I believe, a character they created for the ‘Isolation’ game. Disclaimer: I’ve never played the game.

I forgot there was dev for a new Aliens TV Show… I would be looking at the 1st few issues of the series. There are new characters w/ #2 and #3 with 1st cover appearances.


For the Aliens fans, seems interesting so far. New character of some sort in the preview -

Art looks great

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The show is next on Noah Hawley’s plate.

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