All X-Men Titles Canceled for Hickman's Relaunch

How does everyone feel about Marvel cancelling all X-Men titles to launch the two new titles that will be written by Hickman?

I’m a longtime Hickman fan myself, particularly when he’s on his game. It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out but honestly I lost all interest in X-Men books a few years back. Perhaps a fresh new reboot is in order to get them back on track and interesting again.

I can see this as a good way to perhaps launch them into the future of the MCU as well.

I read about this yesterday. So I guess all that Age of Xman stuff going on is for nothing.
I really loved Hickman’s FF, he made me a fan of them. I’ve got that complete run plus the two Omnibus, and his Avengers run was pretty good too.
So if anybody can fix the XMen it’s Hickman.

Gonna piss off long time fans. This is the kind of shit that caused me to drop Amazing Spider-Man. I was a lifetime fan and don’t mess with it any more.

It’s so irritating how frequently Marvel cancels and reboots series. This latest volume of the Uncanny X-Men was practically unreadable during its first arc (X-Man), but once that ended, at issue 11 I believe, it became really really solid. Its been one of the best Marvel reads at the moment.

But. You know. Big event. New Direction. :roll_eyes:

Maybe but for me it seems X-Men have been in a complete disarray for quite some time now. This might actually be a much needed reboot to clean things up and get more readers.

I surely hope so. I haven’t read any X books since I dropped that terrible Bendis run on All New All Different X-Men about 20 issues into it… But Hickman might pull me back in.

Another nail in the coffin for the industry as they cancel titles that have hundreds of dollars of unsold backstock still on the shelf.

Uncanny’s had 4 #1’s already in the last 8 years. That’s 3 times stores have had back stock now not directly connected to an ongoing series become worthless and now need to be forced off the shelf out of sight to make room for the next “New”.

This one’s not even a direct title change which means we will not be automatically be ordering copies of the two biweekly series for members subscribed to Uncanny since it’s TWO DIFFERENT titles on a twice a month pace. My expectation is even though the current Uncanny subscriptions are at an all time high, this will shake at least half of them off.

Uncanny still sells out almost every 1st print cover at Diamond and had print runs of 48,000 copies sold for 15 and 16.

X-Factor has less than half that interest at 23,000 copies.

Nothing, not one single comic from the Age of X-Man 5 titles in progress cracked the top 100 for April so that puts ALL of them under 18,000 copies.

They just cancelled everything less than a year ago and restarted Uncanny X-Men and it’s been doing good. The market’s not going to support a ton of extra X books no matter how many times you cancel everything and try again!!!

Learn to tell a story without killing off a major cast member!!! you’re just going to bring them back immediately. Try the less is more approach like DC’s doing. Cut all the titles other than Uncanny and leave it twice a month with your BEST staff handling it.

You kill more stores every time you do this by turning their investments in your prior product into wasted money. Remember X-Men BLUE, GOLD, RED? That was just last year!!!