Amazing Spider-Man 1 Romita Variant

This isn’t for the anti-store variant guys.

Silk is picking up steam. Silk #1 is going for good money, as is Amazing Spider-man #4. Cindy Moon’s first appearance is in Amazing Spider-Man #1 and there is a John Romita Jr Variant that had a print run of about 8,000 copies that can be snagged for $5. The regular cover goes for between $10-19 depending on the sale. Yes, I get it, first in costume usually wins, but having a much lower print run than the atrocious #1 cover, I think there could be room for growth in these. I do not see them mentioned very often.


Very cool! Got one for pc… I still think the ASM #1 Ross 1:75 is a good bet. Not very expensive and ecen with the huge print run at 1 for every 75 not a huge amount out there.

Absolutely. And you can find it under ratio.

Good pull!! Not even for the flip that’s a PC kinda cover I didnt even know about it. Just ordered a couple

532,000 books ordered of the issue. That “could” put the 1:75 at north of 7000 copies. Nothing says that Marvel didnt just print 10k copies in total to distribute. Most are what $40-$50 bucks so it definitely is a book to own (as usual, a stunning piece of art by Alex Ross). However, I am not sure the book will ever be a big mover with the massive number of books out there.

Yeah that initial print run was nuts… A couple of things I like about the Ross 1:75 as well as the 1:300 is even though it was a brand new spider-Man title not every dealer ordered 75 or 300 copies to qualify for those two. There were lower incentives that many did get such as the 1:20 and so on.

I also look toward books with an insane print run and think of Spawn #1. Even higher print run than ASM #1 but it still sells well. A popular character can still drives sales fairly well and at a premium with a lot out there. A few years ago Spawn #1 was a $10 to $15 book for issue #1, now it is around $40. Silk/Cindy Moon should eventually move ASM #1 in all covers to the delight of shop owners who may still be sitting on a bunch. Could you imagine if there was only 100k of that book printed?

On a side note I was a little surprised you stated the 1:75 Ross variant is a $40 to $50 book. Last I looked was a few weeks ago and could have sworn they were going for $15 to $25. Nice to see the book moving. If a collector can find it at around $30 I say buy it!

Had to be a ton of buyers at 75+ copies to get to 500k + books ordered. Also, the cameo is of her foot and her bending over as her foot was bit by the spider. Unnamed/faceless. I just cant see it ever being worth that much. Lastly, I was just taking a random guess at the price. $35-$40 just shows how mass produced the 1:75 . Again, worth having , because it is a great Ross cover and it Spider-man #1 book. Spawn #1 is the first book of the character Spawn. Nowhere in the same ballpark. IMO

It was a good guess, taking a look, sales of the 1:75 have headed that direction and yeah a lot of the bigger retailers went big-time heavy to get those variants. I was just using Spawn as an example of how a book with a huge print run can still have after market success. Cindy Moon and her foot have a long way to go to catch his success, that’s for sure!

If Captain Marvel #14 can heat up with Kahn’s very small brief one pane appearance that most can even point her out in it, anything is possible. :wink:

That is true, I just think ASM #4 , Silk #1 and other variant covers are better spec plays. Also, Captain Marvel #14 had a total print run of somewhere around 20k. FOMO can inflate a book like that, just look at what the Sentry #4/#5 have done. Cindy Moon will have to become a character like Wonder Woman (mainstream) to get ASM #1 to a $100 book. Maybe the 1:75 gets there in a year or two. :man_shrugging:

$10 now, they must’ve seen it posted on CHU and raised the price lol

I hate that crap. A bunch must have sold so they raised the price.

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Glad I got mine. Really like the cover.

Looking at the 1:75 on ebay, they almost all have an upper left corner ding - even one that is graded 9.8. Might be tough to find in perfect condition.

Oversized books tend to have such imperfections. Because of this CGC will take that into account when assigning grades.

BlockquoteASM #1 to a $100 book. Maybe the 1:75 gets there in a year or two.

That’s a good bet. I don’t think it is going to skyrocket the same we saw with books like UF4. A book like ASM #1 could become a go to for Silk collectors who didn’t get ASM #4 (regular or variant) before they got too expensive.

On a side note, the 1:10 variant is heading in that direction with 9.6 and especially 9.8 copies going crazy. I do think there is still a lot of room for that one to grow but the regular cover should be looked at for those who didn’t get it yet. Still affordable un-graded. For now anyway. Silk #1 2nd print may be a winner down the road as well.