Amazing Spider-Man #25, $7.99. Anyone else "Take a Stand"?

I refused. I’m sorry, it’s too much. Maybe some kind of one-shot, prestige issue… but for a “Milestone”?

No. I walked away. Anyone else? Or are you all complicit in Marvel jacking our prices :laughing:

I refused this entire reboot…

I did the same! Very atypical for me to be honest. Just irritated me as it was not remotely deserving of that price.

I didn’t even bother going to the comic shop today… to hell with them all… :wink:


I bought 1 copy of cover A, as I read ASM and it is a pull for me. This volume started out okay, and it did pick up during the last Kraven arc. Nothing to write hime about, but not bad. I wish Marvel would take this character more seriously with some better art for the series (not that the art is bad, I just want ‘more’ for this iconic character).

Didn’t give it a second glance. Money grab

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The A Cover had a healthy extra discount stores could qualify for so it’ll be hitting the discount boxes quick or reduced soon by many stores assuming nothing of spec happened inside.

The last Amazing Spider-man 25 jumped to a whopping $9.99 and the 2000 series had a healthy price increase also and a prismatic foil at a buck more!!!

You should have started this protest 19 years ago!!! This is the 3rd time they’ve done it and not even the worst case.

Agreed. I never leave holes in runs, but unless I can get it more affordably, forget it!

Ha. Sorry to be late to start the revolution. LOL

I mean, the Hunted arc was good… but surprisingly the stuff with the Ottley art hasnt connected with me. :confused:

Wait for the Midtown sale… Probably be a part of their 75% sale they throw a couple times a year.

correct me if im wrong, but i think most retailers got the standard cover for deep discount. i know im selling it for like 4$ each. Are these savings not being passed down to customers ?

Edit - Didnt see BJs post …

It’s okay, no one else did either!!! :crazy_face:

It also kind of appears to have twice as much content for the price as well. It feels like Marvel did twice the work for a discounted return. :tired_face:

Let’s get out in front of this. We should start the protest against issue 50, 75 and 100 giving us twice the content right now!!! (assuming it doesn’t reboot by then again making us deal with a 4th #25 with twice the content at twice the price, probably discounted by some now and all eventually.) :shushing_face:

I was wrong. #25 has 72 pages, #24 has 32 pages so they actually gave us 225% as much content for 200% of the price and then discounted the price an extra 15% so you may have a chance to save even more now or in the future. :exploding_head:


Haven’t seen ASM reach 75 since the 60s. Even volume 2 only mAde it to issue 58.

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Do not want. Maybe for a TRUE milestone issue - I never complained about Action Comics or Detective Comics 1000

But ASM volume 6 #25?


What about Marvel Comics 1000?

Marvel Comics 1000 has a $9.99 price and 24 covers not counting whatever store/convention variants pop out. With 96 pages that works out to 11 cent per page.

Amazing 25 should have been $8.99 but they discounted it to only $7.99 so that comes out to 11 cent per page for the 72 pages.

Amazing 24 at $3.99 with 32 pages comes out to 13 cent a page.

I just can’t figure out why Marvel keeps discounting their work for major events. Those employees have family’s that could have used that extra 2 cent a page the books are supposed to be!!! Charge the same as always and give the extra in a Christmas bonus or something to staff that work hard for you and could use it. If you continue to discount your work people are just going to complain about the discounted prices anyway!!! :pouting_cat: