Amazing Spider-Man #30 MJ Maer STORE exclusive

Your right, the game has changed. Stores are going for artists that are more recognizable and they arent cheap. SO they raise their prices to compensate. OFC this falls back to the consumer who always foots the bill. Years ago it wasnt like this because store variants were just taking off. It was new and shiney and everyone was trying to get a feel for it.

A store variant really has to pop for me to budge most of the time to justify the cost of them. It also has to be unique. If Marvel releases a book with the dressing on it and then a store just opts for the virgin variant at the $19.99 or higher price tag, I’m gonna pass every time. I’ll just buy the Marvel with dressing for cover price.

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yeah i hate that. its the cheap way out and marvel is letting them do it. No money is going to the artist that created the image. But as long as marvel gets their share they dont care one bit. It can be an ugly business sometimes.

Tony and AP are smart enough to recognize the members who bring valuable content to their sites. I am not going anywhere soon at the request of you or anyone else, @Brione. Every site needs people like myself who can engage in civil discourse when they have differing opinions. Its always best to voice the merits of your argument, instead of being offended because a stranger has a different opinion. If you can’t argue your point civilly w/ merit, and w/o hate and ad hominem attacks, then you have no point to begin with.

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The mighty troll has spoken lol. It’s hilarious you believe that you add any sort of value to this website. Is that what you really think? Is that why you comment on every post and every article? I feel sorry for you. You live on this site and troll people every day. It’s sick man.

Closing discussion. Come on guys, let it go and move on.

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