Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.4 signed by McFarlane


I’ve decided it’s time for this bad boy to find a new home. Amazing Spider-Man #300. CGC 9.4. Signed by McFarlane. Asking $2,100.

Shipping will be USPS Priority. Insurance and signature confirmation included.


It’s “amazing” how this book continues to rise in price despite there being s bazillion copies out there. And it’s not even a first appearance!

Newsies are now commanding a premium as well above the directs like most 80s Keys.

Bought my 9.4 for about $400 a few years back after the Venom movie…thought I was buying a book that would at best gradually rise n value but always wanted it since childhood and I finally had some spending cash (thanks to CHU and other speculation sites) and it finally was at the top of my list for “affordable/obtainable” books…

Like so many other 80s comics (eg ASM 238) I’m glad i didn’t wait any longer…now it’s pushing $1500 last I checked.

Unbelievable. But best of luck finding a new home!

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I can only imagine a huge percentage of these have decomposed in the local landfills as well…

Maybe newsstands which may have been returned… it was a popular book since day 1…not as many as you might think ended up in landfills. Much lower than most other titles from that era.

You know, I can imagine the amount that Mom threw out after the kid left the long box in his closet and went off to college. I’m sure the number is higher than you think it is… for every collector who takes care of their precious “comics” there’s likely 5 who treat it like reading material and toss them around as such.

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But my point is thats the same for every book…just because its ASM300 doesn’t make it any more likely than any other book in the era to have been destroyed or not cared for. If anything, people who buy multiple copies probably took very good care of them being more avid collectors. Which could be a counter to your argument if we were to dive deeper and waste our time even more than we’re already doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes, the actual number is likely higher given it’s print run compared to other issues…but you we’re talking in terms of Percentages…which percentage wise probably the same ratio were destroyed by the same means.

So yes, ASM#300 was a milestone number so they printed an extra billion copies from say #298 or #310… and yes, alot of those copies made their way to the landfill or what not as well…

My point is, yes, there were a billion of these printed and as they’re always coming in and out of the “availability” column by being listed and sold, there’s still not as many today as there once were.

And I don’t know about you but when ASM #300 came out, I was a poor kid with a crappy allowance, I wasn’t buying “multiple copies” like I do now as an adult with a crap ton more expendable cash on hand… :wink:

I’m willing to bet there are still a large large number of late 80’s/early 90’s comics just stored in closets and waiting for the next yard sale to come out; some day. I’m sure a number were discarded, but I’m also sure a number are just sitting in houses somewhere unknown what they have.
I have found a number of these keys at yard sales.

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Yup, so much stuff always tucked away and forgotten about.

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And now that we’ve “claimed victory” on Corona, yard sales are going to be back in full force!! Everyone dumping all the clutter they collected in the past year and no longer have need for…

So get read for some good pickin’ this year!

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