Amazing Spider-Man #50

Anybody looking at Amazing Spider-Man #50? Some decent looking covers coming out.

A bit…that series has absolutely turned me off of Spidey. Boring, drawn out, uninspiring.
Took them 50 issues to finally get to this Kindred character that they’ve been hyping.
It will have some great covers, but I’m just not buying. Prolly be another issue of Peter and Boomerang hanging out in a club.

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They need to change the writer, just like they did with Batman.

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I’m a spidey fan… I’ll buy anything Spidey but I agree Kindred has been dragged out and NICK Spencer needs to go. Need some new life. Spiderman is the gem and Thor Venom Immortal Hulk and others are having hotter books makes zero sense

Time for Cates to get involved, right @Alana?

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Nick Spencer is either great or sucks. I was hoping he was gonna revive ASM but meh…

I would totally welcome Cates to revive and put a little more excitement into ASM.

I stopped buying ASM at 801.

I do have one issue, but it was a Walmart 3 pack variant cover. Not to read.

I bought like #801 myself and was like… meh… don’t think I picked up any after that either…

Tom King, who I’m assuming you’re talking about, is a great writer. I think he’s better on shorter runs though.

Yes, Tom King is great… until he does ongoing Batman titles…


What ever Cortland Kasady turns into should happen soon. The Ravencroft story arc is supposed to begin in ASM 48. This might bring Spiderman closer to the events involving Knull.

I’d love Cates on Spiderman. Chip Zdarsky Ahmed Spencer isn’t at his best right now and it sucks because he can be a great writer at times.

They definitely need to change up ASM. It’s an afterthought and it never should be.

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Thanks to all the responses. Sounds like ASM is a no go. I have not read it for some time, so this confirms my suspicions.

The Kindred identity reveal was quite predictable. Meh…

Still plan on reading through the end of this arc at issue #55 but man… a tad bit underwhelming.

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Other than the Walmart variant (issue 33?) I have not bought a single ASM book since issue 801. And I don’t regret it.

I did like the kindred store variant though…but they dragged this out worse than Cates is dragging out Dylan’s secret…anti-climatic after a while…people don’t care anymore. But it is Cates so they care about Dylan a little still…

Dylan is a paper thin character but I
Hope that changes sooner than later.