Amazing Spider-Man #55 3rd print!

For any future speculators or flippers out there that are looking at this post I got notified that these were going on sale in the UK through the Scott’s collectibles newsletter 30 minutes before these dropped so I recommend signing up on their website so you don’t miss out on any in the future

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Gold is my choice if we’re making bets. They did the red, white and blue why not all three in one? Or and I think this would be the best a glow in the dark version.

I’m waiting on the glow in the dark variant. It’s inevitable at this point

Oooo make it super awesome like Scorpion comics latest Disney foil. They made the buttons a gold foil. Gleason could make the spider only glow in the dark :rofl:

Idc I love these covers…


Ditto - dope AF.

Just got this back…very happy : )