Amazing Spider-Man #55 3rd print!

FOC is on the 15th so you’ve got one week for the regular trade variants

Pat Gleason is offering virgin variants on his store tomorrow 12pm central time I’m not sure if any of us UK buyers will be able to get some of this unfortunately if someone has experience with that let me know

If one of the OGs can drop any affiliate links below please - make sure to press on the links to help the site and the creators or if you don’t want to use them that’s ok too :chicken:

And it’s now live at TFAW after it went up briefly and then went all 404 on us for a bit.

We should start placing bets on what color will be used for the 4th printing… cause we know it’s gonna happen…

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I think some shade of green is the next logical step.

Hey did ya guys here there’s a third print for asm 55?

We are the chosen ones


So have we hit every forum thread yet with this info?

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No. I haven’t put it up on the High Republic thread yet. But heading there next.

Lol. Only putting it in places people asked about it.

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@WelshWizard did you miss the posts about this from earlier? Or you just skip the notifications and post again lol

I think that was in the Lounge section right? I wanted to share with people who didn’t have the ‘member’ trust level yet i just wanted to share the love if you’re cool with that?

Jus busting ya chops. But I did lounge and the 2nd print thread for the public too and the AsM 55 thread to make sure everyone saw it.

Thisss guyyy he beat me down on my own post like it’s the revenge of the sinister six :sob:

LoL the OG sinister six too. With Kraven.

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Gleason virgin soldout quick, again!

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For all customers outside the US Scott’s collectibles Still have copies 2 per person

Thanks but virgin cover soldout too, oh well.

Sold out quick but I wasnt buying wanted to see what’s up. I snagged the Venom and that hastle didn’t want to do that again.

I bought one raw copy and one slabbed. Also got one slabbed second print. Glad the price of this 3rd print went back to something a little more reasonable.

Those venom prices were a bit much.

The signed raw copies of the 3rd print were the first to go in under 2 minutes. Slabbed 9.8 w/o signature were the last.

Well the venom had actually be drawn :rofl:

Ugh. Forgot about this. Oh well.