Amazing Spider-man 57

Anyone know what’s up with this issue? It’s limited to 1 per customer at midtown.

Spidey Hype and cover 58/59

eludes to Mr Negative returns. not sure what else. On my pulls already but ordered a few extra copies. I think #61 gonna be another hot cover grab as well

:fire: :fire: :fire:

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Right? Theres more too for other characters

Ugh, I don’t read ASM, but these covers are on fire. @agentpoyo… I need the 12 step program STAT.

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Love Michael Cho, so underrated

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Yeah Michael Cho I believe… Is doing a bunch of them. The hulk and black panther ones are cool too!


SavageAvengers_19_Cho ImmortalHulk_44_Cho CaptainAmerica_28_Cho StrangeAcademy_9_Cho


Black panther. Spiderwoman. Are definitely being copped… other. Books idk… preorder prices I might get the whole set. LoL who knows

Love those Cho covers. Also, the Spidey 59 1:25 is a scorcher, too.


It is… was gonna pull the trigger on Ebay since I missed the Tfaw drop

Those books are effing awful and literally hurt my eyes to look at them. Like a half decent 8 year old could do better. Just awful. I was only going to complain about how ugly the Spider-Man cover was but the others are equally awful. If those covers end up being hot I’ll eat every last one. Awful just awful.

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Just threw up a little. Not a fan of that style.

Deep breath fam its ok… it’s a classical style simple. Easy pass for you easy cop for others.


I like Cho but I no longer buy. His variants never heat up… ever! You only buy cause you like.