Amazing Spider-Man #66 Dellotto Predator Var

Has anyone seen this cover? I can’t find it and being a Dellotto I have a feeling it might be fire…


FOC is April 26th and so far, it’s stated as a Del Otto Variant.

Pre-Order from TFAW: Amazing Spider-Man #66 (Dellotto Predator Variant)

Previews World (Diamond):

And they’ve only released a few of the Predator themed covers so far. I did whole article on them here:

No, but would you accept a Predator #1 Rahzzah variant cover as a consolation prize?


I like that cover. If they’re all that good, I might have to break my rule and buy a few themed covers since I’m a Predator fan…


This Instagram post may be of interest. It’s not Spider-Man themed, so unlikely it’s the cross-over cover. Probably a Predator #1 variant:


wow that looks bad ass

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They could always add a small web in the corner… :wink:


Those are both great covers. I often wonder what the artists are paid for just a cover?

Think it all depends on notoriety and publisher. I’ve heard some top artists can command up to $1000 per page for interiors. I’d imagine a median average would be a couple hundred on cover arts spread across the indie and top two publishers.

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Which come to think about it, if you can average a good cover per day, 5 days a week and maybe average or charge $400 per cover, that’s roughly 8k a month income on the side of any other work you might be doing. Not bad if you can pull those numbers.

Francesco Francavilla stated during a Mondo Con panel a few years back that if you can’t pump out a cover in a few hours and or a few pages per day, you’ll never survive in the comic book creator world…

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Drunkwooky - That is awesome, even for him

Both Rahzzah Predator Variants are amazing.
Here is thor variant


Holy shit that’s awesome

These Predator variants are much better than almost all the Alien Ones.


Seems like April Fools but the delotto was removed from previews… so either they’re in on it too or it’s real

Tfaw cancelled too. I got the email earlier. All the predator variant covers were cancelled too.

Aww that sucks! Well that’s going to put the brakes on my marvel spending

bummer, all my pre-orders for Predator were canceled. I wonder why it’s postponed until November.

If I had to guess, I think bc they didn’t want to cannibalize war of the bounty hunters sales. It seems to be timed to begin as that ends.

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