Amazing Spidey #78 Beyond

A new villain called OBSIDIAN STAR appears in this issue. Might be worth keeping an eye on. MacKay is pretty good writer.



Here’s the actual preview. A couple characters in there that I’m not familiar with.

thats for Amazing Spider-man #88


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I still have visions and boxes of Red Goblin spec. 795 - no - 796 - no - 797 - no 798…….

Wouldn’t be surprised if we got something in ASM 87…or 88…or 89.

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” Queen Goblin will make her first appearance in February’s Amazing Spider-Man #88 by writer Zeb Wells and artist Michael Dowling.”

There goes that spec. This far in advance expect 100 store exclusives and ratios up to 1:500.

But since publishers do not realize cameos can be first appearances (Remember Gwenom was pitched as first appearing in Spider-Gwen 25), best bet is issue 87 is the actual first. Or the character will appear before 88 as a civilian or has already appeared.

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Yes such a major new villain, the last female goblins first can still be found for cover.


Hard pass. Still got lots of Red Goblin

I got burned so bad on Red Goblin, I’m gun shy to try with this one. (rookie spec mistake on my part; I own it, lol).


Is this with the Ben Reilly Spiderman ? I am not going to spec on Red Goblin Queen. Its sad that the Marvel comic division is not like the movie/TV division (a house of some new ideas). More like a house of rehashed ideas.

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How did you get “burned”?

I bought several copies of 798 and 799. Even though they are not worth a whole lot they are some of Ross’s best Spider-man work, IMO.

I Also have some of the store variants. Mayhew 797 and Crain 796 and 798. Which are also great covers.

So I went in a little heavy, but never regretted it. The book to have of all of them is 797 Mayhew (classic homage) and 799 2nd print (1st Goblin Childr + cover app).

Not much for spec, but I love the covers that came of that run.

I found the stories marginal, Ross art is always good, and nothing came out of the characters, except the usual Norman Osborn defeat. He will eventually be resurrected for another milestone issue - cant keep the GREEN Goblin down (looking at the Kindred storyline).
For me, I was marginally burned on the spec end of things - with a few extra copies. Nothing drastic, but I chalk it up to part of my learning curve in speccing.

Still lots of colors to choose from, so plenty of “new” characters coming.