Amazing Store Variant by Louw

Just amazing.



Great South African artist, knew Warren way back when, there was a restaurant we use to go to that had the tables wrapped in drawing paper and they would have crayons just for fun, so people could mess around and he use to draw these awesome pictures and it was always a thing of who got to take his picture home with them :slight_smile:

He has done some amazing stuff and goes to my LCS a couple times a year to do CGC signings and sketches.

Yep. Going in the Harley collection for sure

He’s definitely improved his style.

Can someone share a link?

What is that one for

I’m rarely impressed by Digital art, but this one is kinda nice. And everyone else will want, so therefore I’ll have to get it :slight_smile:

Found it here… HARLEY QUINN #1 Warren Louw Exclusive!

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Wonder if anyone else will have it. Usually frankies is in with mutant beaver

Anyone know what character that is on that cover? It most definitely doesnt look like Harleen Quinzel. :man_shrugging:

I still prefer pencil to paper the old fashion way.


I like some computer generated graphics but this type does nothing for me.

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Yep. It’s like a photo. If I wanted a photo I could buy one from the movie and call it good.

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Sometimes I get the feeling some of these guys actually take a photo of a cosplayer and then make them look like a digital image… That Shannon Maer gives me that impression… his stuff looks almost too lifelike to be original art.


I liked the cover as I like Louw’s art but am not going to order from Mutant Beaver. See it will show up elsewhere.

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$55? Errrr… ummm… I think I’ve changed from a Yes to a No. Yea… I have changed

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