Amazon Exclusive Bad Batch Black Series Cad Bane Pre-Order Tomorrow


The other figure looks nicer.

The Clone Wars re-release? Yeah. I’m just reporting what’s going on, but Hasbro’s releases are baffling right now.

I’ve completely abandoned the Black Series and the VIntage Collection. My entire Hasbro figure collection is up for auction on ebay right now actually (not much because I’ve done this semi-regularly in the past)

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Guaranteed to arrive crushed in a bubble mailer.

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Yeah I’m sad to say that I haven’t really enjoyed Black Series much at all. I think mostly because the sequel trilogy dominated it for so long and I hated those movies. Killed my love of Star Wars until Mando… but I’m still gun shy about jumping back into the GFFA

I have only been cherry picking the figures out there, mostly the TVC. If I don’t like it or need it I don’t get it. Most of my collection is the Mandalorian figures and Storm troopers. Not every one either. I am selling off a bunch of the things I had picked up over the years too.

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I find what works best for me is focusing in a theme:

Justice League

Bat Family

Legion of Doom

Thanos Wins


Otherwise I’d end up buying everything I thought looked cool.

With Star Wars I want to stick with Mando & Co but even then I can’t bring myself to pick him up because I worry that it is just a matter of time until Lucasfilm screws it up.

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