Amazon Prime Day Deals

Haven’t seen any Prime Day posts yesterday or today.

I haven’t checked pricing on these Star Wars figure deals to see if they compete with the going rates, but here are all the listings I could find.

Feel free to add to this, comics, toys, anything else.

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Captain Phasma. I bought alot of her Black Series figure. Disney was saying that we would see alot more of her in Episodes 8 & 9. Well guess what, that never happened. The character was so promising.


I don’t see how Disney could have promised anything for 8 and 9 when they had no idea what they were going to do.

They knew the characters and story would continue…

Dusting this thread off, as it’s Prime Day for Amazon.

If you find any good comic related deals, put them here.

Watchmen hardcover 55% off


Moon Knight 50% off