Amazon Prime Day

For all you people who shop Amazon, prime days are here. Here’s the search for all comic related deals and such:

Amazon Prime Day: Comics

Amazon Prime Day: Action Figures

Amazon Prime Day: Star Wars

If you have other findings, post and share them here if you wish!

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Can’t forget LEGO on Prime Day either…

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Remember to use to check price history of amazon stuff. Sometimes they say OG price was 50$ and its a 50% discount when they actually normally sell it “on sale” for 30% off


I bought one of those fabric short boxes once (during covid when I couldn’t get into my LCS) and I thought it was pretty bad. They are very twisty and not very protective of your books.

Long ago I worked at Best Buy in my college years and up before Black Friday, they would slowly increase the prices for most items that were then “on sale” for Black Friday. It’s all marketing when it comes to sales. And Black Friday is the biggest scam of the year on most big ticket items marketed, it’s all products they aren’t going to restock and they’re limited to a few to get rid of, they really just want people to come in and buy the newer stuff at discount prices but not really discounted cause they raised the price to knock back down to the price they’re willing to let go at.

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Never mind…

That sounds exhausting…

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