American Silver Eagle v75 Anniversary End of WWII

Not comic related but for you coin collectors out there, just FYI the new ASE 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII went on sale today around 30 minutes ago. It’s limited to 75k total and only 1 per household (yes, I do believe they check mailing addresses). Their site is getting bombarded right now, it actually took me 20 minutes to complete a checkout after many captcha’s to prove I’m human and Cloudflare “you’re being rate limited” probably due to me thinking my browser was broken cause I’d click add to bag and it looked like it was doing nothing but it was just the site being super slow.

But last refresh still shows these in stock for you ASE and coin collectors. These super limited coins always end up as great flips (and long term holds as rarely depreciate in value over time).


Just to give idea, looks like those who were confident in obtaining them and put up pre-sales are listing these from $699.99 and up…

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What’s retail? Why is this so popular exactly? There’s lot of coin memorabilia minted every day.

Just curious how this one is different.

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It’s $83 retail. It’s got a small v75 stamped on the obverse side which differentiates it from other 2020 W minted ASE and it’s limited to 75k total.

And unlike comics, there will be no additional minted (printings)… :wink:

Thanks poyo. Haven’t bought a coin in years but why not. No joke on the site being bombed with activity


Late to the game. I did enter my email to see if someone cancel’ s their order. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Same. Can’t believe I missed it!

I used to buy a couple Silver Eagles every year, but I haven’t in a while

1hr 45 min it let me check out only to say sold out

Now Poyo has me checking out the US Mint site after this post. Signed up for emaill and text alerts for new product releases. I did get one of these v75 Coins and it’s up for auction on ebay. Current bid is $200 with 4 days left.

Today END OF WORLD WAR II 75TH ANNIVERSARY Silver Medal goes on sale at noon eastern time for $75. Currently pre-sales are $200 and up. Im gonna try and grab one and flip it on Ebay for sure

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Total cost including the shipping to the buyer I will pay for= $92.95

Next up is the End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver Medal. Total cost with free shipping to the buyer will be $84.90.

Current bid with 3 days and 6 hours left is $160. Will update after it sells. Thanks Poyo! This extra income is great! In Poyo we Trust! haha


Heh… Your welcome.

In your experience, do this usually hold or mainly quick flips @agentpoyo ?

When it comes to coins, if I get only 1 of them I hold. If I’m able to get a few I might flip but rarely do coins come down in value once they go up. This one I expect to hold it’s value for the time being and over time they only go up.

Thank you sir! I didn’t list mine, just was curious since I haven’t bought a coin in so long and have never sold one. Beautiful coin in person too.

Yeah, mine just arrived today as well. I love American Silver Eagles.

Totally agree. Just not used to snagging something like this at the price, selling for approx. $500, and then value holding lol. Def why I asked the Q with being a newb on coins.

Tomorrow’s Mayflower a buy?

For me, when it comes to medals, I only buy if I like. These are hard to determine if they heat up for flip potential as the celebrated edition type of sets of either coins or medals can stay available for quite sometime it seems.

I’m mostly a collector of the coins that actually carry monetary value (you know, it’s got $1, $5, $25 engraved on it). Like even if silver or gold become worthless, it’s still considered currency you can spend as it’s considered ‘legal tender’ per se.

Ahhh gotcha and makes sense. Def a beautiful coin. As always, I appreciate it!