Amy hennig and skydance new media creating new star wars game

This doesn’t really give any information at all other than the fact that it will be a new “narrative-driven” video game.

Could be anything from any era at this point.

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I thought I read about this a few years ago and then the game got canceled.

Amy Hennig is one of people behind the Uncharted series (or at least U3), one of Mt favorite game series ever. I thought there was even a teaser trailer at one time?

Looks like that one got cancelled.

Off topic/apologies, but…did anyone here play Star Wars Galaxies when it was out? While there were some bad decisions that ultimately ruined it…one of the best online gaming experiences I’ve ever had in terms of vast world building, in game commerce, economy etc.

If anyone could capture just a small bit of the essence of that game and improve upon it----winner winner chicken dinner.

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I was on Naritus mostly. It was the best time in a game I ever had. I think that online gaming culture is so different now that the experience will never come close again for me.

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