And now onto "Ghostmaker"

So next up on the game show “Which Issue Will It Be?” Ghost Maker!
Hints at Batman 100…possibly 101, further elaboration/origin in 102.

But hey folks…what if he gets snuck into a one shot?

Stay frosty gang!

I’m just picking up one issue each Batman release. I’m suffering from new character overload.

This is what Tynion said:
“I also talked a bit about Ghost-Maker in a few interviews I did for Joker War. He’s got a brief cameo appearance in 100, before he comes into play in a big way with the story arc that starts with 102.”

“This character is Batman’s teenage rival. When they were both young men, they were going around to the greatest crimefighters in the world to learn their craft. Ghost-Maker thought Batman was a spoiled rich kid with childish views of right and wrong. He still thinks that. They’ve had an uneasy truce for years to not interfere with each other, but after Joker War? Ghost-Maker thinks its time for Gotham City to have a new hero.”

This is Tynion’s way of just saying… "Buy #100, #101 and #102 please… "


they are playing me like a fiddle and I love it lol.



Batman on the pull already. So I’ll just double down on preorders %30 off and if it’s a bust I have complete runs to sell if nothing happens. But 1 set is for the pc because I’m liking the story.

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Batman also already on my pull list, but I’ll be making sure to pick up at least 2 copies, maybe 1:25 variant if available. I had to grab all 3 covers of Clownhunter, plus an additional Cover A.

“And he’s decided Gotham isn’t big enough for both of them…”

I know I’ve heard that before… oh right, that’s the synopsis they do for every new story arc for Batman… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Found the Batman 100 Bermejo Team Retailer Variant (limit 10000) for $13.29 at mmcomics. Might be some other sites out there but of the 3-4 sites I looked at, this was the best deal.

retailer variant limited to 10,000 copies

So 10k is the limit on this one?

I mean … is this variant going to beat out the standard covers LT if we get a cameo in #100?


Yep, limited to 10K.

I don’t think that’s Bermejo’s best work. Meh…

The hard part is that as a #100, there will be a ton of covers to begin with. Hoping that perhaps as a retailer variant, maybe it holds a little extra heat (compared to say the usual store variant). I’m taking Tynion at his word there will be a cameo so hopefully that adds a little FOMO to it as well.

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Batman #100 will be huge. They’re gonna have X amount of covers and probably 200k+ print run. Publishers and Retailers love being prepared for the big anniversary type issues.

I’m gonna treat Batman #100 like TEC#1000 and Action Comics #1000… wait for the 75% off sale and nab them for dirt cheap prices… a few months later around Christmas time when TFAW and Midtown both have those huge sales.

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LoL I was jus lookin at the covers and debating preorders at $6.99. %30 off but still pricey. But I got the jim lee batman 1000 for $2 around christmas time. I was hoping for a standard cover with a villains mashup but alas it’s a store variant and I actually like it. @TorpedoComics

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im pickin up the 1:25 for 100 but its def gonna have a print run of a kabillion.

Will grab a couple more then my usual but not going heavy on this one.