Animated Boba Fett Debut from '78 Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+ April 2021

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I remeber when it used to be on TV. At least thats how I used to watch it. I watched it 2 with my boys and they both fell asleep lol.

BTW, thanks for the art print. It arrived yesterday!



I have a bootleg copy either way On dvd.

Now we can celebrate life day once again along side of festivus.

I need to get one. This Star Wars fan has been relying on Youtube for too many Christmases.

“It should be noted that the entire Holiday Special is not being released on Disney+, the the Boba Fett animation, The Story Of The Faithful Wookiee . It seems even Disney has a gag reflex when it comes to the Holiday Special.”

Wait a second…maybe no Life Day?!

“Among the April Star Wars releases are other live action films like the two Ewok Films, Ewoks: The Battle For Endor , and Caravan of Courage. Then there are the two animated seasons of Ewoks and Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Clone Wars. Check out the schedule below!”

I actually enjoyed these as a kid. I knew they were Star Wars characters, but the lack of Luke Skywalker and the droids and they were on regular TV (unlike the movies) confused me a bit…

Have these as bootlegs as well.

No Droids cartoon?! Didn’t Boba Fett make an appearance in that series as well? I recall a droids series action figure if him with a coin.

Yeah, no Droids yet. Who knows why Disney chooses to release some stuff streaming and other stuff not.

Could be a “loyalty optimization” strategy to keep people subscribed and waiting for more content or keep them engaged. Saving stuff in their back pocket.

Could be legitimate contractual stuff their working through with people with interests in certain content. We don’t really know what those contracts to produce those shows looked like.

Glad the print arrived well. Hope you like it. Thanks again.

Even had the same look as the holiday special…minus the tuning fork.


That’s cool. Now on to looking to get me one of those AF

You mean an Amban Phase-Pulse Rifle?! :wink:

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Yep! Great addition to my small office museum.

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Man, the characters look like they fast forwarded 50 years into the future…
image image

Han has quite the bare chest…

Oh, and Boba Fett blew his cover…why Vader re-hired him after that blunder is anyone’s guess…

But now that we know the Anakin backstory, well, Vader wasn’t the brightest bulb…

They made this very nice version as well & it will save you about 2.5k.


I want it.

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