Animated universes

Just watched this and wow it’s a great watch with some cool old school kung fu vibes and some good humour, after some research I’ve come to the conclusion that many people think

DCAU is better than the DCCU
MAU is not so good and MCU is superior

If anyone has any recommendations TV shows or movies let me know and also if they have any tie ins with others would be cool to know

Didnt care for it. Sloppy animation.

A lot of the animated dc movies are great like Under The Red Hood, Justice league vs fatal 5, Red Sonja. I grew up watching stuff like batman the animated series and Justice league and felt like the animated stuff from DC can be very good. Marvels had a few good stuff like Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers Earth’s mightiest heroes but a lot of the recent stuff has just been way too geared towards kids and not great quality

I agree with you for the most part. Ninja Batman was quite possibly the worst thing I have ever watched and I watch Baby Shark with my daughter at least 5 times a day.

There was no need for him to be in the bat suit apart from the scene in the restaurant so we knew it was a ‘Batman’ movie

I’m going to look into some of those over the next couple of days thanks

If anyone else have any more recommendations let me know

Edit - it doesn’t have to be coming book related just some easy watching to pass the time