Anthony is live on It's Drunken Chat Son Live podcast


Not safe for work, but fun

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I started watching this, but at almost 8 hours it’s going to take me awhile. It’s good though.


Anthony mentioned to me he was poking fun about me for about 4-5 minutes so when you get to that point in the show, let me know what he said so I can verify that it’s probably all so very true! :stuck_out_tongue:


2 beers is about my limit these days, although a certain Medicinal Product may be added to the mix …

Why not have a little something like this for the CHU folks … ?? :vulcan_salute:


so many dif themes to chose from … nakkid speculation? Dont buy the yellow stained Comic? hmmm


In our Venom giveaway where we asked readers to submit suggestions for the site, one that popped up numerous times was a CHU podcast. So that’s actually been swirling around between Anthony and myself… it’d be a weekly type of thing perhaps, talk about the upcoming comics for the following Wednesday or something.


I would love to do something like this for the Chu fam.


That would be interesting.


My suggestion was based on having an actual Live Hangout as the video above was … where CHU folks could pop in and out, you and Anthony perhaps be the “Leaders” and run it for a few hours, allowing those that want to a chance to get to know other CHU folks … and have a drink or three maybe … :vulcan_salute:


Ah, gotcha.

I’ve suggested to Anthony a Slack Channel before. Maybe for privileged CHU users, insiders type group. Basically ongoing live chat between people.


I like that idea. I want to see what happens with google hangouts in the next two weeks. It may be going away.


It’s not really going away, being re-branded. I believe it’s merging into Hangouts Chat and Meet.

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