Anthony's Fathers day Pickups

Hey guys, haven’t done a video in a while but had some cool books come in the past couple of weeks and also promised to show off some recent slabs…

I din’t go into the 100’s on new books I have been getting in and focused on mostly recent slabs


Happy Fathers Day to all the members here who are fathers!


I missed these. Thanks Anthony!

I think I gotta buy myself some comics for Father’s Day……and I don’t even have kids. :sunglasses:

Do it. Do it. Do it.

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Happy Fathers day to all the comic lovin dads!

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Happy Fathers Day all you CHU dads! Hopefully you didn’t have to work too hard :wink:

My internet went down Saturday night, so I’m just taking a break… Will be back Tuesday full swing (I hope). Otherwise just shipping orders out using my iphone hotspot :wink:

Have a good week!