Anthony's Grabs for 7/28/20

Here is the stuff I got yesterday.


I use to have that shirt in high school

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Yes, he probably got it from the Goodwill store you donated it too… :wink:


Just watched your video and is it just me or does it sound like you say She- Hawk? Or is that an East coast accent?

What issue is She-Hawks 1st appearance?

Great pick-up, Tony. :+1:

She-Hulk, it is an East Coast/Baltimore thing

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My wife still laughs at me when a say draw instead of drawer.

Dude, Baltimore has a language all of its own. I long ago got rid of my Baltimore-ese accent but there is still some regional dialect that creeps in. Baltimore is the place you get wuder from the zink hun.

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Giant Size Man-Thing #1.

(The title of that book always makes me laugh)


I hear ya! I moved to CA way back in 1984. Got rid of my Queens and North NJ accent as soon as I could…I started Jr. high it but got ripped on. Funny thing, when I visit back east I can turn the old accent on but to this day it still slips out every now and then.

Seriously, next spec video you need to wear a Green Shirt so we only see your head and arms…


Please… when I first saw the video I was like whoa what a cool see through cover lol

Don’t need to. I can erase me out.

Will you just be floating clothes if you go in green face

Ummm… somewhere, a Hulk is offended by that… :wink:

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Didn’t mean to make fun of it. I have an accent too but try to hide it the best I can. My wife makes funny of me when I say Harry instead of Hurry. “Harry up guys, let’s go” lol.

Like couple of years go, I meant a New Yorker that called Pizzas, Pies I never heard that before lol.

If you haven’t seen this video yet you need to (NSFW language, but hilarious):

There are a ton of great videos that explain a Baltimore accent. I have seen that one before. Ern erned an ern ern is about right.

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Ha. No worries. I actually beat the Baltimore accent when i was in middle school. I moved to the eastern shore (oh my god they have an accent all their own) but got in with some kids who moved there from other areas (chicken neckers as we were called, because the water men catch crabs with pots, tourists and people who just moved there tend to use chicken necks n strings to catch crabs) and made fun of the way I talked. I quickly started learning to talk without a regional accent.

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