Anthony's Grabs for 8/12/20

These are Anthony’s grabs for 8/12/20. I am Anthony and these are the books I grabbed or got in the mail today. Readers and spec books.

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I’m disappointed… no green shirt to make it so you only had a head and arms and no flinging your arms around, pointing at the camera and winking to add a little pizzazz… :stuck_out_tongue:

That Texas Blood is a really great series so far. I am excited to see where it goes. My LCS’s are thin on the #1 and #2 is sold out. I believe #1 has a 2nd printing coming out.

I need a big CHU wall decal like the one behind Anthony…

Can’t wait until he holds up a green cover…

GI Joe books look like they have chunks missing from the trade dress…I think those are not NM!

How about a shirt with a green circle in the middle to look like he has a hole in his chest?

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We’d love to make one into some CHU swag but since nobody seems interested in buying our pint glasses, stickers or buttons… Seems like a lost cause…

Lol. I usually do a double pass through with the video editing software I use. But I was tired. Or lazy. And forgot before I fell asleep. You have to touch it up to make it smooth.

Anthony, so glad that you are getting a chance to do these videos. They are always informative and entertaining.

In terms of books to look for next time you are out and about, Darth Vader #1 (2020) Cover A has been a book I’ve been picking up every time I see if for cover. These are super easy flips at $16-$18 if they are in high grade. Just passing on some info.

I’m still finding TMNT (IDW) books that I’m putting away for Last Ronin. #101 Cover A, #105 (Cover A & B). I think these might be big books, but I’ve been wrong before.

With all the hype around America was able to snag some Vengeance #2 and #3 for $3 each. As her first appearance is getting $90-$100, these should start seeing price increases soon.

Have a great week hunting.

Thanks man added them to my hunt list. Although I think I have picked every copy of Vengeance #1 in my area already.