Anthony's Grabs for 8/5/20

These are Anthony’s Grabs for 8/5/20 because I am Anthony and these are the books I grabbed today. They are mostly readers and straight up spec books.

FYI already sold the Legends 1 1:25 and the Wonder Woman 759. Good day for flipping and spec in general.

You and your OBOs…I cant tell what price you got for it!

There’s a way to see exactly what it went for but I’m going to have to find the process.

I’ve never done this but a few different articles quoted the same website and process. It’s really simple as well. Type the item number at this site. click on history and it takes you to eBay and shows you. Again I haven’t tried it but am trying it now.

Tried it and it halfway worked. I think maybe you have to access from a non mobile device.