Anthony's Grabs for Week Ending 10/25/20 1:100 Ratio from a Five Below $4 Comic Pack

I browsed 5 Below when I went out to our nearby CVS for our prescriptions this evening. One thing was notable, a “Punisher War Zone,” #1 with a 1:50 ratio, I think I determined. Gets maybe $10-$20 on eBay. I didn’t take a pic but here is a screenshot from Google:

Everything else in the pack was meh.

I’d have grabbed it.
I remember seeing David Finch Moon Knight variants in packs years ago

Looks like Sylvester Stallone in drag. What an awful cover and a ratio variant?


It’s Ma Gnucci. She wasn’t supposed to be good looking. Punisher hacked her arms and legs off. She was one pissed off evil woman

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Now she’s part of the Lollipop Guild…they just had to glue tiny shoes to her knee stumps and off she went. Happy ending for all.

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