Anthony's Grabs for Week Ending 10/25/20 1:100 Ratio from a Five Below $4 Comic Pack

Here is what I picked up this week. A bunch of ratios, some hot flips, and a 1:100 Dc ratio out of a $4 Five Below comic pack


I love me some of those grab bag packs from places like Ollies and Five below. I have gotten some decent stuff from them at times.

I am a sucker for them. I see them I have to look through them. I have done Walmart packs, Ollie’s packs, Five Below Packs, preferred one of Groupon. Lol.

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Wait. 5 Below has comic packs? Do all of their stores carry them?

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Nah it depends on the store

I know my local 5 Below has some comic packs. Now I feel a sudden urge to swing by and get some!

Also, you look dapper as always, @Anthony

Just like Walmart. Depends on store/area.

Anything decent in these? Or was Anthony’s 1:100 the lone good book in the whole lot. :slight_smile:

I have not gotten a 1:100 but I have definitely gotten plenty of $5 and $10 books out of them. From Ollies I usually get 1:10 comics from Dynamite series. I also got plenty of DC Universe Rebirth #1 issues like Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Batman etc. which go for $5-10 each so it just depends. You can get complete garbage but you can also score some flippable stuff for sure.

Not sure if all do, but I have found them in many shops. I got my All New Marvel Now #1 1st and 2nd prints from there years ago. Found a ton of them and sold the hell out of them. There were Amazing Spiderman #4 (first Silk) Variants in them. They are hit or miss but I have gotten good stuff out of them

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Thanks man, finally got a hair cut and shaved off my quoting beard.

Quoting beard? Do you mean covid beard?

Last I knew the $5 below packs just had reprints Of the Rebirth comics. They were strange sometimes too, like Batman #9 had #1 on the cover as if it were the first issue.

I’ve avoided them in recent years, but seems like they’ve upgraded Their content to “real” comics…should swing by later today and report back.

Need to start a thread for Comic packs like this for people to show off their contents. If we all bought one and shares probably could help us all find the rare books that are out there in them…know what to look for.

In this case it was easy…damn thing was exposed on the back! Wish Marvel packs did that.

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apple censored me drogio

Not sure what that means.

Anyway, went to my $5 below and they had about 7 or 8 but nothing exciting showing through the front or back.

All DC books?

It means, his iPhone sucks… :wink:

Apple changed covid to something else. Was joking.

They have Marvel packs too but lately they have been junk issues.