Anthony's Hidden Gems

I do recall seeing the comic on occasion but had no clue it tied in with a real album. I kinda wanna find that album now.

And the full album

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I appreciate you. I shall listen tomorrow as right now everyone in my household is asleep or going to sleep and I don’t know if they’d like me blasting this. Lol.

Y’know Nightcat will probably be headed to certain hot comics lists in the coming week.

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Worth getting just for the Jusko cover art, can’t go wrong with Jusko.

I saw this at a con a few months ago…i may have bought it, but i may not…oh well

Not yet but funny, Comictropes just covered it now


Time for a new LP!

I wrote the Nightcat post a year ago. Guess what I have been seeing a lot of on Facebook lately…….

I like the hashtag if you know you know.