Anthony's Picks Video

I miss your picks videos @Anthony . Did I miss the announcement that you’re no longer making them or have you just been busy?

He’s mentioned likely after baseball league ends… ya’ll want me to do them with a chicken mask on?

Most definitely YES!

Let’s keep tagging @Anthony so it pings him on this topic… :slight_smile:

100% yes



It’s slightly more than baseball. Have had a lot going on in my personal life. Prime example, I scripted out last weeks and was going to film it but my oldest son had the stomach flu and ended up puking all night. Wife doesn’t deal with sick kids so it was up to me to take care of him.

I’m new here, but I as I suddenly find myself middle aged. I’m comforted by other’s stories of life, parenting puking and a time just evaporating. Look forward to a video. Hope the flu doesn’t spread @Anthony

@Anthony Stomach flus are always fun. When it hits our family, the kids cycle through in 12 hours and come back fresh as daisies. My wife and I suffer for days.

It’s not all bad. I’m only 3 stomach flus away from my goal weight.

No worries, man. Just miss your pretty beardy face.

That makes me sad just thinking about that. I know when I was a kid, the comfort of my parents went a long way in recovering. Not to knock the wife but man, when my kids are sick, I don’t do sick well either but I do whatever is necessary to make my kids comfortable and feel loved.

Ha. I know those feelings all too well.

I am coming back.