Any Padres and Predator Fans out there?

If there are any Padres and Predator fans out there, they may be interested in this Topps Project70 timed release.

$19.99 and sale stops tomorrow.

FYI, you can find Presales on ebay for less, unless you want the 5 or 10 card option through Topps. $15 including shipping on a couple listings on ebay. Dope card.

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That’s a nice card. My youngest loves the Padres. So I’ll show him to see if he wants it. Thanks for sharing

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If you weren’t collecting the entire Pardee set through Topps, 100% buy it on ebay.

As a Baltimore Orioles fan myself, have you prepared the little one for a lifetime of his team sucking?

Def an interesting card, didn’t expect to see something like this myself lol

Lol. Not yet.

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