Anyone Do ButcherBox?

Not comic related but I started using ButcherBox for ordering meats each month about 8 months back. It’s great and it’s just one step closer to me never having to leave the house to buy food and other crap I hate shopping for. They got a referral promotion going on, you get free NY Strip Steaks for a year if you sign up while I get $30 credit…

Figured you steak lovers might want to try it out! Just click this link if interested!


My brother in law does it and loves it. Pretty cool!

Yeah, I’m really satisfied with them. Good quality and when they ship, it usually arrives next day.

My ISP says site is risky?

Your ISP? Or your browser? ISP normally just provide the connection to the internet.

Site is safe though. I work in IT and am a huge advocate for security. I would be that last person to link to a risky site.

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A good variety of meats. As someone allergic to beef I appreciate that.

I actually don’t eat beef either. I do get the 2lbs of ground beef each month myself though when I signed up. Kids say it’s fantastic… I’ll take their word for it.

My ISP pops up a page that says (or whatever) is risky and asks me if I’d like to continue to the site.

Yes, it’s just a shorten url (like tinyurl or that’s used to track the referral.

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