Anyone Into Astronomy?

Pretty self explanatory. I’ve always been interested in the big and small things. From the beginning of life until current. I love nature and when David Attenborough dies I’ll have to take time off of work. I Loved exploring the St. Lawrence River as a kid. Fishing, catching frogs, turtles, snakes and lots of fish. Ate most of the fish. I’ve recently gotten a telescope and really enjoy anytime I can spend outside observing. Though the clear nights recently have been out of focus due to early mornings at work. Already planning on a a better telescope and figuring out which books to sell to get my next scope. I’m getting something much bigger and plan on getting into astrophotography.


I have a basic telescope and like to look at mars, Jupiter and Saturn on clear nights. Kids like it too.

I like the SkyView Lite app to find planets, Hubble telescope and international space station.


My grandfather worked for NASA during the Apollo program and had cool stories. I do find space neat.


I have a big 10" Dobsonian Telescope I bought 8 years ago. I used to use it all the time but the light pollution is a killer in Las Vegas. Got great views of Saturn and Jupiter even though I could really only view 1/3 of the sky. Also, I feel like I can touch the moon with it too.

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I’d really like a Dobsonian but it’s not really good for photography. I myself got a starter scope. Celestron Astromaster 130 with an equatorial German mount with a motor drive. I get great views of the moon but want something bigger.


How are your views of Jupiter and Saturn?

I can see Jupiters 4 largest moons, but they are specs of light. If I’m really still and the sky Crystal clear I might see the red spot.

Saturn I can see a small ball with a few rings around it.

Mars is a red dot.

Have it looked at anything else yet, other than the moon. Need a comet to come along…

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Just checked. Mines the 70 series. It I’ve had it 10+ years too.

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So far I’ve only looked at the moon. Every time there’s a clear night I have to be up at 2:30am to be at work by 4am.